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Our Story

A Family History

"Nothing brings a family together better than good food"


My name is Colleen and I AM Rosemary’s Granddaughter. Growing up my grandparents were two of my best friends. We were very close! I remember going on day trips with them, spending weekends at their house, playing cards with my Nanny (she’s Rosemary) and all of the holidays we shared. However, by far, my fondest memories with them were in the kitchen!

They loved to cook! Not only did they love to cook, but they truly enjoyed that they could cook and bring others happiness by doing so! My favorite dish we cooked together was homemade manicotti. When I say homemade, I mean from SCRATCH! I can remember my Nanny teaching me how to make the crepe, the cheese mixture and how to roll them up. They were what everyone looked forward to at every holiday! Now in order to honor their traditions and all that they taught me, I make my own homemade manicotti and I get to enjoy the feeling of making others happy with my food!

My philosophy


Everything I make is made completely from scratch according to family recipes taught to me by my Nanny many years ago. They include quality, fresh and local ingredients (grass fed beef, Longhini sausage (from New Haven) and Liuzzi cheeses (from North Haven) and are made with immense pride! I guarantee they are like nothing you've had before!

I also provide clear and easy baking instructions on the package to ensure you enjoy your meal at its best!!



How it works

Ordering from Rosemary's Granddaughter is easy! Contact me through the online contact form below, on Facebook, by email or by phone! Once you place an order, we can make arrangements for pickup or delivery. 



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